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Shelf Pulse
by Trax and Nielsen

Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen for consumer goods companies delivers ongoing digitized measurement of in-store execution gaps, shelf compliance and competitive presence to maximize sales velocity

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Shelf Pulse* by Trax and Nielsen is market measurement with a difference. Using shelf quality metrics and product sales, we provide a comprehensive and dynamic view of your category performance in all store panels. Leverage a single platform to elevate your shelf understanding.

*currently available in the US only

  1. Get insights from shelf to sales
  2. Improve market analysis and planning
  3. Create a common language for retailer collaboration
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How it Works

Shelf Data Captured

Our global retail audit panel captures shelf images across markets and retail channels.

Data Analyzed

Images are analyzed in the Trax cloud with our advanced Computer Vision algorithms.

Reports Available

Monthly online market intelligence reports are available to CPG clients


With interactive visualizations and configurable dashboards, Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen provides the answers for any shelf data scenario in your enterprise.

Category Landscape

Identify category leaders and laggards with views on availability, shelf share, unique SKU volume across regions and store types

Access visual analytics on shelf share

Interact with facings and linear space data to see a complete category view, starting from manufacturers down to individual brands and unique SKUs

Get a pulse of sales performance

Compare your market share with competitors, and identify best-selling products by viewing average sales per facing at item-level.

Price and Pack

Get important insights on price-pack architecture of market players, and make timely changes to your merchandising mix to drive growth and profitability

Make smart product rationalization decisions

See who is competing in the same price pack range as you, spot cannibalization risks and rationalize your portfolio based on solid data

Uncover critical pricing insights

See a product’s average price over time in different stores, understand competitor trends and drill down to validate price alignment with captured shelf images

Product Positioning

Track and analyse product location and in-store marketing execution to understand how brands are stimulating shopper action at the shelf.

Optimize critical in-store assets

Track how much secondary selling space your brand occupies, and see the distribution of POS materials across retailers

Put your brand in the bull’s eye zone

Get a normalized view of your product’s location on the shelf, and use this data to inform retailer negotiations


Leverage holistic campaign intelligence across store formats and retailers, and optimize your marketing mix for improved promotion responsiveness.

Analyze promotion trends

Identify how top brands are promoting their products in stores: Price deals, secondary displays and POS materials

Know everything about active in-store campaigns

Investigate each brand’s promotional activity, and get details on when a campaign started, how long it has been active and more.


Break new ground with the ability to uncover SKU level insights in just a few clicks, and put powerful market knowledge in the hands of decision makers.

Analyse and compare products

Get the flexibility to select and benchmark up to 4 products along any number of KPI dimensions, and visualize strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of each.

Get a map view

See performance data on a map, and identify critical geographical trends. E.g. SKU A has the highest shelf share in the north of the country, while SKU B dominates in the south.

Why Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen?

  • Breakthrough Computer Vision Technology

    Leverage advanced fine grained recognition, machine learning and computer vision technology.

  • Continuous and Granular Market Pulse

    Ongoing measurement and frequent granular insights on merchandising conditions in-store.

  • Relationship to Product Sales

    Understand the impact from shelf to checkout with relationship to sales and shelf conditions.



Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen

Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen Shelf Pulse is a digitized...

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